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As has been customary over the last few years the Enthusiasts have hosted an event the day after the fantastic Pride Of Longbridge. In previous years this has always taken place at Ragley Hall. However, this year we are pleased to announce that the British Motor Museum at Gaydon has agreed to host The Enthusiasts’ Annual Ensemble. As usual, any and all MGR varieties of vehicle are welcome..as are related vehicles!


* The day will start at 10.00am and finish at 4.00pm

* We have our own parking area for 150 cars – if more should come then the general parking areas will be available.

* The very last Rover 75 to come off the production line will be on display, just for the occasion.

* Other highlights for MGR Enthusiasts on display at Gaydon include: the last R100, MGR SVR, the 6R4, many Minis, prototype R45s amongst others.

* Highlights for 75 & ZT Enthusiasts will include the phenomenal 500bhp+ MG ZT-T currently being finished by Geraint Williams and Les Finnie’s epic supercharged ZT-T amongst others….expect further announcements!

* The MGR Monogram cars of all shapes and sizes will have their own display area.


Additional attractions will be announced as and when they are confirmed.




The 75&ZT  Enthusiasts are requesting a £5.00 donation per car to go towards club funds. This will entitle the driver and any passengers to park in the 75&ZT Enthusiasts’ reserved area (provided you are amongst the first 150 cars) and also entry to the museum for the discounted price of £9.00 per person instead of £14.00.


To join us on April 15th please click on the Paypal button below to pay.

Please ensure that you also EMAIL US with the following information:


Your name

Email address

Car registration number

Number of car occupants

Monogram? Y/N

Paypal transaction number


If we do not have this information then we cannot process your payment which will then have to be refunded to you.


EMAIL ADDRESS: Zeb @75-zt.com


Within 1-3 days you will be emailed a pdf with a numbered screen display complete with your registration number to aid a fast entry to the reserved area. You will also be allocated tickets to prove your eligibility for discounted access to the museum.


Should you not receive this within 3 days of purchase or in case of any other problems please contact Carl via email   zeb@75-zt.com quoting your Paypal transaction number and I will resolve any issues asap!







75&ZT Enthusiasts’ 2018 Gaydon Ensemble


SUBSCRIBED Members please pay on the forum here: http://forums.75-zt.com/subscribers.php   (You will need to be logged in!)

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