Enthusiasts’ Ensemble 2016 Summary

Enthusiasts’ Ensemble 2016 – Pride of Longbridge Weekend –  15th-17th April 2016

Saturday 16th April – Pride of Longbridge

Cofton Park.

The Enthusiasts will be in attendance at the ever popular annual event along with a variety of other Longbridge-produced vehicles. If you would like to join us for the event, please let us know either on the  forum, or on our facebook page.

Sunday 17th April – Enthusiasts’ Ensemble – (Encore une fois)

Ragley Hall, Alcester

Back due to popular demand, on the Sunday morning, we will be returning to the venue of our 2014 Ensemble – Ragley Hall.
Ragley Hall was host to the Rover centenary in 2004 and was used in such photos as:


Monogram Showcase

With thanks to Justin Smith, our Ensemble at Ragley will host what is intended to be the  one of the largest collection of Monogram cars that there has ever been to date. This collection will incorporate all models of both the MG and Rover brands. If you’ve a monogram motor and would like to be part of this collection, then please drop Justin a message via the forum (click here)

Zed Range Timeline

Do you own a launch Mk1 or Mk2 Zed car, or prototype and would be interested in featuring as part of our timeline, depicting the evolution of our fine cars from 2001-2005? If so, please drop us a message either on the forum, or on our facebook page.

‘Pride of Ownership’ competitions for various different categories of car

£2 per entry on the day.

Ragley Hall would normally cost £8.50 per person for access the grounds, however for members attending the rally, entry is based per car at £10.00 regardless of how many occupants. Tours of the house can be booked on the day at £2 a person. Payment for entry will be taken at the gate.



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