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Most cars are a means to an end, they get you from A to B and they cost you money! But how much do you enjoy ownership? Sure, some are status symbols, some are fast, some excel in certain areas. However, just occasionally a car comes along that has ‘that bit’ more…something that makes them stand out from the crowd, something that makes them special. Often it is simply that the car is greater than the sum of its parts…it has style, class, the ability to make the driver smile…most of all, it has character. The 75 ZT range fits that description. Low profile, not really noticed on the roads, dismissed by the majority of motorists. But those who know, those who drive one are the people who have learnt the open secret that so many people haven’t seen.

The next time you are out on the road, take the time to see what is around you in the ‘older car’ category and see how many 75s and ZTs, looking in far better condition than much younger vehicles, are unobtrusively wending their way to their destinations. Instantly recognisable in ‘retro’ 75 form or ‘mildly menacing’ ZT guise, these cars get appreciated by their owners, get looked after and cherished as a result. Not the fastest, not the coolest but indefinably special just the same. They are cars that are full of thoughtful little surprises that you just can’t help appreciating, cars that’ll take you wherever you want to go, safely, in great comfort and in style.

Seven years after the demise of MGRover the cars live on. Something that is a bit different, a bit special… a build quality and thoughtfulness of design that far surpasses many much newer cars….it isn’t ‘modern’, it’s good.

Relax, it’s a Rover…because life is too short not to….

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