Cosford 2013 (original announcement)

The 75 & ZT Enthusiasts Ensemble


‘Ensemble’: A unit or group of complementary parts that contribute to a single effect….hence
in conjunction with the 75ZT Community, the Two-Sixties and Club Seventyfive! :-D

Sunday 14th April 2013, starting at 10:30

It seemed only fitting to hold our first major event following the Pride of Longbridge on the Saturday.

The RAF Museum at Cosford will be the venue for our gathering on the Sunday in order to make it an even more worthwhile trip for those travelling
some distance. It is also in itself a fantastic venue!

A warm welcome awaits all who have an interest in the long-term future of the cars! Old friends and new…

The sole charge for the event is the parking – so a grand total of £3.50 and entry to the museum is free!

There will be representatives from 75 & ZT Enthusiasts on hand for your enquiries along with our tech advisers.

We will be announcing other special features and guests for this event over the next few months…….

…and maybe some other surprises too…. :-D

To register, please proceed to the enrolment form (click here)

and for more information on RAF Cosford do have a look here:

(click map below to see enlarged version)


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