I bought the on 30th June 2012. I wasn’t looking for a ZT, ZTT or 75. I had just sold my pride and joy, Alfa 147, MR2, MK2 Golf GTI 16v. But I never expected all 3 to go in such a short space of time (just my luck).

So I thought I just need a car to see me through to my next decent motor. Grabbed the laptop, looked for cars for £2K within 5 miles and diesels. A trophy blue ZT-T topped the list and it looked like a candidate.

It stunk of dogs, the tax was up that day and there were issues with vibrations and bald tyres. He wanted £2250 with 4 months MOT. I laughed and his wife dropped him in it by saying he has to get rid of it, he’s lost his job. I made him an offer of £1600 and left. He phoned me the next day and when I picked it up, he had only taxed it for 6 months!!! His wife made him do it apparently.

Its was 100% standard when I got it (with the exception of a gold fan resistor). The first thing i did was give it a damn good valet (twice!). I then fitted a Powerflex lower engine mount. Wow, it was a totally different car. No vibrations at all. Attention then turned to the lack of power. Intercooler O rings sort of fixed it and stopped the smoking. Unplugged the MAF and bingo, improvement. So, bought a Synergy 2 with a Pierberg MAF. Result, the car went like its should and then some.

The temp gauge was only just moving, so I got a guy at the end of the road to fit a genuine MGR one for me. Not a job I fancied doing and he only charged me £50 labour.

I fitted new alloys with Yokohama Advan Sports. Why? Well I liked the wheels and my mate got the tyres from a guy he deals with for 300 quid, so I snatched his arm off.

That was the start of “moditis”. Many of you will recognise this condition. The following pics will show what’s been done. Roof rails, chrome, door finishers wrapped, more chrome, Croft finishers, rear chrome and finally and MG7 chrome grille….

Enjoy the pics:


20130801_200712 20130803_144630 20130730_174729 20130711_143401 20130526_160148 20130526_160137 20130526_144231

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