Peter Best Insurance



Peter Best Insurance Services and 75&ZT Enthusiasts

Peter Best Insurance Services is a name synonymous with the classic car fraternity since 1985. Happily now they are turning their attention to the soon-to-be classics that are the Rover 75 and MG ZT. That being the case, after exchanging many an email with Stephen Best, we are very pleased to announce that Peter Best Insurance Services are keen to be involved with what 75&ZT Enthusiasts are doing by way of ensuring our continuing ‘road presence’ and equally keen to offer their services to our members along with a generous discount.

Also, as time goes on, we hope to be able to have an input into the shaping of insurance products specifically for our vehicles and to welcome Peter Best Insurance Services to some of our larger events. You will find their advertisement and link on the front of the website and also their details can be found on the forum itself. We also have a section in the new Wiki entitled ‘ Specialists Companies’ where you will be able to read Peter Best Insurance’s own 8-page brochure detailing their history and links to the marque.