I bought this car in 2010, after having had to part with my first ZT-T. At first I was unsure on the car, as despite being loaded with goodies, it wasn’t an MG.

Now sat here in 2013, it’s safe to say that I’ll never part with it. I cannot give a reason as to why, to the extent that I’ve given up trying but safe to say that I love it.

Being a Contemporary SE (with optional SE pack) there was not a lot that it didn’t come with from Longbridge: Xenon Headlights, Sunroof, Powerfolds and Harman Kardon Sound System, Black oak and full sports leathers were all things that I had never had before and now could not imagine going without.

I retrofitted the Highline system and upgraded with BMW Units, offering incredible sound quality and latest generation satellite navigation.

I purchased the car with 106k and by the summer of 2011 had covered approximately 24,000 miles. With 130k on it’s original gear, I took the car off the road and overhauled and replaced the following.

  • Clutch, Master and Slave Cylinders
  • MG ZT-T Sports Pack Suspension
  • ZT-T Anti-Roll bars
  • Powerflex Bushes & New lower arms.
  • 190 Brake Conversion (front and rear)
  • New OEM thermostat and waterpump.
  • ‘Vortex” Alloy wheels.
  • Chrome trim elements replaced with colour coded replacements.

I have also reversed some of the project drive deletions and retrofitted the following:

  • Centre Cubby Torch & Power socket
  • BMW X5 Twin port aux sockets in boot
  • Fuel Burning Heater
  • Punched leather gaitors, grips and steering wheel