Ant Sheehy



Ant Sheehy’s stunning 2004 X-Power Grey MG ZT 190‘The Corgi Car.’

Having always been a MG and Rover fan, Ant had owned many a Rover product including a Rover Metro, Rover 100 GTA, Rover 200 and 2 Rover 400′s. However he always wanted a MG.

So in August 2012, he purchased his pride and joy from Cressmore Autos, Kidderminster. Below are are few of the dealer shots:


And the first shot of the car at its new home:


Upon taking ownership of the car, Ant describes it as: ‘in a poorly modified condition, but mechanically sound with only 47000 miles on the odometer.’

It was however, shortly after owning the car, that Ant discovered the car was rather special:

‘I very quickly discovered that the car was a little special. When searching on eBay for parts, I came across the Corgi Vanguards model of an MG ZT 190 in X POWER grey which happened to share the same registration as the car I had just purchased.’




Ever since buying the car,  Ant had made the decision to return the car to its original specification, however upon discovering its heritage, a return to standard was to Ant ‘ all the more important’

‘The cheap modifications where removed and a set of the original alloys ordered. I’ve even replaced the number plates so they match the plates on the model. On the body work side I had the front corner of the bumper repaired and tweaked and restored other areas on the car and have spent numerous hours on the paintwork bringing it back to life. I still have things to do on the Corgi Car, but that’s the joy of owning this great 1 off car. My goal is to continue to restore it to its original showroom best and do justice to the model that has been made.’

Ant replaced the after-market 17 inch alloy wheels with OEM 11-Spoke wheels as per the model, whilst along the way enhancing such areas such as renovating the brake callipers.


Brought the ICE up to date:


as well as renovated the headlights that are known to craze and fog with age and wear.





Upon researching further into the interesting history of the car, Ant received the following from Martyn Weaver – the Marketing Manager at Corgi:

The model that you are referring to was produced in 2007 and carried the registration plate AX54 JVN. Hornby Hobbies acquired the Corgi brand in 2008 so we have limited information on models that were produced before 2008. Our current process is that when we decide we are going to make a model we search for a suitable registration and try and contact the owner of the car, this can be difficult because of the data protection act but in most instances we do get to speak to the owner and they are thrilled that we are modelling their car. It has been known to help the sale of a car if it has been modelled by Corgi!

In June 2013, Ant attended the ‘MGs in the Park’ event in Oxfordshire and quite rightly was awarded ‘Best ZT’ in the ‘Pride of Ownership Competition’.



We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Ant and the ‘Corgi Car’ but safe to say that the car is in truly superb hands!